Autodesk University2007 Video

In 2004 I had the opportunity to present at AU in Las Vegas. I have been to every AU since then for the past 3 years speaker or assistent, I created the AU Video to share my experiences. For AU 2007, I will make my 3rd AU Video (Autodesk will provide a free conference pass). At this blog you will find some postings about my preparations for AU. Later during Autodesk University I will share my experience of AU. I also hope this blog will also help me connect with other attendees of AU and perhaps get some of you be a Star in the AU 2007 video…. Have you been at AU2006 or at the event in the years before 2006? So take the link below and you have the ability to see the Video from 2006 and also have the ability to download the videos from 2004 and 2005.

I hope you will enjoy! By the way: „thank you very mutch!“ -To the actors (AU attendees) and Shaan Hurley my team member.  au2004.jpg au2005.jpg au2006.jpg AU-Videos