Back from vacation / Zurück aus dem Urlaub

Sorry, for no blog post in the last two weeks! I was on vacation in this time.
Where I’ve bin? -To lovely Italy, I hired a mobile home and we (me, my wife and our two kids) drove over the Alps to and around the Lake Garda in upper Italy.

 -BTW: If you plan to drive to Italy durning your vacation this year by car the Brenner is the hip tip for it. No road works! 🙂 

Did you ever take a ride on a industry robot?
During our way to Italy we stopped after 600km (ca. 300miles) from home for a one day break in Guenzburg (in Germany on the right of Ulm) and visit Legoland Germany. Me and my kid’s really love to build with Lego, so it was great fun for all of us. One of our high lights was the bionicle mine, where you can setup a ride on an industry robot. On an easy way you select the moves of the robot from a selection and save your selection of 7 moves to a chip card. After the programming part you transfer the moves to the robot with the chip card and then take a seat and than enjoy the ride (see the picture below).

Do you like wind surfing? 
I do and if you like it too, then is Torbole the right choose for your next vacation. Our first destination at the Lake Garda was Torbole a nice little town in the upper part of the lake. There is every time enough wind for surfing, it depends on the mountains in the surrounding of the town. We had 40°C during our stay, but it feels like 29°C. We had some very nice days here and after the ride you should have an original Italian ice!  
 Venedig in mini Ride the KUKA Industry robot Eis Torbole 

Back to work, I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Italy the next blog post comes after reviewing all the e-mails that was arrived during my trip.                                                     –Helge