Adobe Technical Communication Suite

4 Month ago I wrote an white paper for Adobe (in German) about the features and functions of Acrobat Professional 8.0. It was related to the Building industry. All about how to use Acrobat Professional for technical communication in an architectural project.

You may say:“ As an Autodesk minded person, it is inposible to write an white paper for Acrobat Professional!“

-I have to answer :“ Yes, it is possible and helps to get a bigger picture of collaboration/communication and how to manage this!“

Ok, this was the past, now to the present. Adobe is going to relase the „Technical Communication Suite“ a set of tools that can be used for creating digital technical Documentations.

This fits to the actual AutodeskMSD strategy „Digital Prototyping“ what was made public at the Autodesk Manufacturing Media Summit in Paris. 🙂

Some information’s from Adobe about Technical Communication Suite:

 manufacturing.png Enjoy reading: Adobe Technical Communication Suite