Impressing Inventor Studio Visualisation

During the ATC conference in Tunis I met Boely Hofstede (NL) he was talking about his visualisation he did with Inventor Studio and I said:“Send me the link I really want to see it!“

As some of you may know I really like this stuff. So I have to say Boely you created a very impressing Video about an remote controlled Helicopter.  

So, big hands for Boely and his Helicopter, 

acad.jpg   Helicoptervideo from Boely Hofstede

If you are doing visualisations and animation with Inventor send me the link to your „wmv“ I realy would like to see what you created. -This rises the Idea to do an European visualization contest in AUGIde/AUGIuk let’s see what is possible, we have to think about that. What do you think? drop me a mail. 🙂