Alias Designstudys from Cosmic Motors

Some of you may know that I am adicted to cars and motor-sports. In my Gallery you will find lots of examples where are my interests are going to. 🙂

If you not already been there here is the link: MCDCAD.DE Gallery

But back to the topic, here is something very impressive that I found on my journey to know more about Autodesk Showcase I came through a Blog posting form the Alias Design Community it’s about some very futuristic car design form Daniel Simon. 

Daniel created something like a fairytale where he publishes his concepts it’s called „Cosmic Motors“ a little bit earlyer this year he released a book with pictures from his futuristic race cars this is all done with Alias Studio. Please find his Trailer to promote his book below.


 showcase.jpg Homepage from Cosmic Motors

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