AU 2008: Do you have a clue about a digital Pen?


Las Vegas, AU 2008, collaboration is the topic and going green in this field is a great way of improvement and streamlining the process. So, an adoption of the old behaviors and bringing them in a digital environment is the best way. This is the message of the Lab that I have been to.
So here is the magic:
If needed print out your drawing you want to talk about and then take the digital pen and make your annotations on this drawing and then put the pen back into the docking station and the pen transfers the data to Design Review in to your DWF. The data will be displayed in a separate Layer. If you have made specific remarks like REJ for reject this means that at this position in the DWF a stamp appears with rejecting info in it.

You may ask yourself now: “How it is adjustable the paper markups and the DWF?”

During the printing, you use a printing manager that enhances your print with a grid of dots. These dots will be the reference when the data get transferred from the digital Pen.

If you ask me, real good stuff. 🙂

At least I feel sorry that the digital pen is not available in Central European market, but they promised it will be available in the near future, it is finally available in northern Europe and in the Benelux where the users have a English language based OS.

Some pictures from the session:

_dsc9715.jpg _dsc9718.jpg _dsc9716.jpg