Congratulations! Results of AU-certification quiz

I have to say it again „Congratulations!“

 _dsc0022.JPG winner.jpg _dsc0022.JPG 

As soon as it begans it comes to the end. 🙂
To be honest, it actually started very slow, but then it catches up speeds like a race care! What I mean? The AU2008 certification quiz, I received over 1250 emails with right answers, but as you know only the first 6 senders with right answers and that didn’t attend AU2008 had a chance to win the 125$ voucher. 

Befor I anounce the winners I want to say:

 „Thank you, thank you very much, for your participation, to all of you!“  

-And now, Ladies and Gentlemen here are the Winners of the AU2008 quiz:

  • Brent Daley

  • Carl Kidwell

  • Jamie Ditsworth

  • Michael Freiert

  • Steven Bachman

  • Tim Straz   

The vouchers are on their way, so I assume they will arrive between Monday to Wednesday, -Oh, that means these are a kind of Christmas presents! It wasn’t intended to be, but still nice. 🙂 


Again, big thank you for your participation and good luck to pass the exam successful!

Looking forward to receive your review,