Interpretation of Boss Hoss, a real topic

Oh just jocking, close to the Christmas holidays, but atleast it needs to be explained. I know there are a lot of words that can cause misunderstanding, this one is a nice one I think. Let’s take the situation two persons are talking about the Boss Hoss and the BossHoss you see where the problem is?  

A little example below: 

The Boss Hoss (US):
I think most of my reades from US (aspecialy those that like bikes and motor-sports) know about the Boss Hoss, the real V8 Motorbike invented by Monte Warne .

bosshoss4.jpg BHC-3 LS2Engine
Type: Liquid Cooled V-8
Horsepower:425@5750 rpm
Torque: 425 Ft.Lbs. @ 4750 rpm
Block: Aluminum – 6 bolt main
Cylinders: Aluminum (65cc)
Valve: train2.00″ Int./1.55″ Exh.
Size: 364 ci.i (6000cc)
Compression: 10.9:1
Fuel Injection: Multi-port
Exhaust: 2.5″ with daul mufflers
Transmission: 2-speed semi-auto w/rev.
Final: DriveBelt, Gates – Polychain


The BossHoss (Germany):
OK, OK, I know that we here in Germany also have a big Community around the original American Boss Hoss, but it also means Music, because we have here the band the BossHoss. This means both are cool (from my personal view). So there can be a little issue in the exchange and discussion when you talk about Boss Hoss. 🙂


autodeskwall1.jpg  Homepage of Boss Hoss Motorcycles

autodeskwall1.jpg Hompage of The BossHoss Band