Are you an Autodesk Fan or you want to have a second AU2008 bag?

If you are real Autodesk Fan? In that case I have something very interesting. Did you noticed that Autodesk is running a shop for logo merchandised products like shirts, vests and bags.

Writing about bags, -in this shop you will find the AU2008 recycled messenger bag.

The Autodesk University Team had hundreds left so they decide to make them available for others that didn’t had attended AU2008 or people that maybe want to have two of these bags.

The bags are offered for a price around
30$ which is way less then that what Autodesk had to pay for it as they where ordered.  

Side note:
Are you living in Europe and maybe want to order some stuff?
-Read careful the pricing and delivering reglementations.  🙂



acad.jpg Shirts and more at the Autodesk logo merchandised Shop