Are you intrested to Astronomy? 100 Hour continiue Webcast


Astronomy! Space, never ending widths and not the Enterprise is facing the endeavor, just we the human creatures here on earth. OK you are right, -stop with writing strange things. 🙂

Astronomy is very interesting kind of science and what these guys found out over the years, very impressive!

During this weekend there is a special astronomic event related to the year of astronomy we have during this year. 100 hours live webcast from all leading and not leading telescopes around the globe. You can get a detailed overview what is actual going where they are on in the moment.

So I hope you will enjoy. 🙂

I actually look into the webcast from time to time and it was all time interesting, have great Weekend by the way! 

acad.jpg here is the link to the 100 hour Webcast….