AliasStudio: Wheels, Wheels, Wheels -how to do?

One of the most important points in designing and sketching Cars is the rim, if  you have a bad layout for the Wheel design it will kill the hole trill of the design. You need to have big rim with a thin tire to create the spirit of the design intention. -I think you know what I mean. During  the first lessons in car design sketching you learn: „it all starts with the Wheel!“ 🙂

file_26271.jpg file_28211.jpg file_28521.jpg

So here are some lessons in how to creates the right wheel for your AliasStudio car design from Aliasdesign Community. 

I hope you enjoy reading and testing! 🙂

showcase.jpg Wheels: Part 1 

showcase.jpg Wheels: Part 2 

showcase.jpg Wheels: Part 3