HMI 2009 TradeShow and of topic story, but you you sould keep it in mind

Hi Everyone,
this is a kind of an unusual post, but still important to people that travel a lot like me. I will  tell you in a minute what I mean. 🙂

Here is the Story:
As some of you may know beside my work as Trainer and Consultant for Autodesk producs I am working as Journalist for German CAD-Magazines and online Portals. In case of recaerch for an Article I had to go to Hanover where the HMI Manufacturing Tradeshow takes place every year. By the way I was impressed how any people have bin there and how positive everybody was talking in strange economic situation. Maybe this is a small sign that it will getting better over the next months.

hmi1.jpg hmi2.jpg hmi3.jpg hmi4.jpg

Any way… back to my story,

Hanover is 250k from my home so I decided to drive and there was not that much trafficjam that I usually would expect, but you should listen to the right Music. Maybe something chilling, but I choose this one „Let Me Think About It“ Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand -and I definitely recommend don’t listen to it on the Motorway! -Because if you like Motorsports (Like I do) it could get you in a problem with the speed-cams! 🙂

No, No, No don’t get my wrong they didn’t get me, but it was close to it. 🙂  
You maybe didn’t know the song, I found a Video of the extended version on YouTube. So, I hope you will enjoy the Video and again don’t listen to the song on the Motorway, could get sirius. 🙂

Till next, Helge