AIA2009 first day and a little present for my european readers


Today I am down to Munich to attend the Autodesk Industry Academy 2009. At this Event the EMIA Dealer Channel get trained to be prepared for the new year of working with the Autodesk 2010 Products. It is one of my favorite Events during the year (It got renamed over the years, in the past it was known as Techcamp), because it is the only event where I have the opportunity to meet friends and colleagues  from hole EMIA.

 bild2.jpg dynamicsym.png bild1.jpg

During the event the the Attendees get a voucher for the Inventor Dynamic Simulation from Wasim Youngis. This voucher is a prerelease discount of 20% and I got permissions to offer you an promo code that does the same like the Voucher that was provided to the attendees here. Just one ristriction! This code is only valet for orders from EMIA. 


Promo Code: AIS09

aia.jpg Wasims Publisher side