What dose a CAD-Geek on vacation?

What do you think? -Hah, it seams to my it is a kind of a tough question, not easy to answer. 🙂

I have the answer! Video shooting! –

Ladies and Gentlemen please let me introduce Tom Lanford, Tom is from the US and lives in France, I met him at one of the past years EMIA Techcamps from Autodesk and in a minute we shared Ideas and experience in Video recording and CAD over time we got friends. 

He told me last year at the Techcamp in Berlin that he plans go to Thailand for diving and video recording. So I ask him to inform me when the video is ready. So guess what happened in the middle of a very stressy research for an article about Navisworks, I received an email with the Link to this outstanding video.

Definitely this was at what I needed 11.30pm after nearly 18 hours of work. I could really see the fun that Tom had during his stay in Koh Taho and believe it or not I got relaxed and put my work a side and made my Holiday arrangements for this year, but to be honest it would be too expensive for me to bring my complete family to Thailand, this year we will hire a camper and drive to south France.

I want to share his video with all of you! So find the link below and dream your self away from work to a nice little Island.

One last commend from my side:

„Tom it would be a plesure to work with you on my Video Projects and National Giographic should hire you for a documentation about diving! -Again great job, thank you“ 

tom1.png tom2.png tom3.png

tom1.png Here the link to Toms Video