The King of pop past away! – The world lost a music genius

This bad news reached me in the early mooring right after the wake up ring and it shocked me. In my early days I was a big fan and I practiced the moonwalk like many of you did at that time being around 16-18. I spend every Saturday evening in the a Dance Club (Disco) -Yes, born in 1966 ready for fun in the 80th. -Guys to be honest I had a lot of fun during that time 🙂

Later on my way to work (I had to drive for an hour to visit a client, to run an Inventor 2010 update training) I listened to the news on the radio and the moderator shared his opinion about the death of Michael Jackson.
He said: „With the death of Michal Jackson we lost a genius in music, in a row with Fred Astaire and Elvis Presley“ -I only can agree to that.

„The King is dead“-He will remain in our memories, God bless his Kids.