Off topic: Wooden skeletons to build a Porsche 356 aluminum body

Hi Guys,
if you follow me on twitter ( you actualy know, that I am in Austria during this week. Yesterday I took the opportunity and visit the private Porsche museum in Gmünd in Kärnten. This was real fun for me, because that I, my friend Charsten and James Dean have in common is that we love to drive Porsche, but to be honest it is way too expensive for me to own one, but from time to time I hire one to enjoy the driving it. Back to the topic in this museum you find some original skeleton wood body’s from the model 356 also known as the Gmünd Porsche. This wooden skeletons have been used to bring the aluminum body parts in the final shape for production of the 356, -very cool. If you may plan your next vacation in Austria you should visit this little historic Porsche museum, to learn more about the Inventor of Porsche and some other important cars, Prof. Dr. Ing. H. C. Ferdinand Porsche.

956.jpg 956_sk.jpg 956-cabrio.jpg 956-cabrio_sk.jpg