AU 2009 virtuell: „Public Viewing“ aska German „Rudelkucken“


As you know AU is going virtual this year and I want to bring up an Idea, when you want to make the most out of your AUv pass. Why only attending the session at your Desktop?

 -What I mean you may create your own learing event and celebrate AUv with your team members or collages in the Company or with friends with the same profession! You only need Internet access, a projector, a notebook, external speakers and one AUv primer pass (that you can get for free as Subscription customer or as Student community member)! 

I would like to express this Idea depending on the public viewing expireance that we had here all over in Europe during World Soccer Championship 2006 and some other events and a nother reason to do that mind be to learn in a group is more exciting than alone.

-Am I right ? I think in most companys and Univeristys a projector is part of the standard equipment. -BTW the German acronym for Public viewing is „Rudelkucken!“ in English „a watching pride“, not sure that it works, at least it is watching /attending with friends. 🙂

Here some Pictures how this could look like:

example1.jpg example2.jpg 

Don’t take the second one too sirius, it is just a jock, -but who knows, maybe this fits at University level! 🙂

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