Autodesk Showcase 2010: Calender Page for January 2010


How was christmas? -I hope you got lots of presents and had a wonderful relaxing time with family and friends.
close to the end of the year it is time to open the next round of calender pages for the new year.

To be honest, this time I made my self a present! I choose a model of a chopper, I love chopper and especially the custom ones.
With making my self a present I also want to have something available for you guys. My collages from the CADRelations team voted for wallpapers with this chopper and we end up with 2 extra wallpapers. So this time we have 3 nice chopper for your desktop! 🙂

 januar2010.jpg   cadrelations_wallpaper1.jpg  cadrelations_wallpaper2.jpg