Autodesk Showcase 2010: New Calender Page for March 2010


March, do we get  Spring now? Yes, please I hope so, -snow is gone and yesterday we had a big Storm that was causing problems (side note: not that serious like in other countries!). So now we are ready to welcome the sun. -With facing the new Month it’s again time to get finished the new Calender Page in this series.

Lady’s and Gentlemen, I am glad that I count get finished right on the beginning of the 1th of March. This time I choose a model that I created way back in time (I almost forgot when I have started to work on it, long term project, when you know what I mean 😉 ), -as you know I am a fan of Porsche, but I never had enough Money to buy one, so I decided to model one in 3DMax and now I finished the model and combined it with some Rims and Breaks modeled with Inventor. So I hope you like the creative combination of different source material in one Showcase scene.

 -BTW I also created a Wallpaper for those of you that are also love Porsche.

   march2010.jpg  march2010-wallpaper.jpg