Event Special: Shell Eco Marathon 2011 and Autodesk

shell.jpg dsc_5174.jpg (Picture: Nikolas Bokisch Adsk)

As you know from past post I was responsible for Video documenting the ECO Marathon from the Autodesk perspective. I am still working on it, but to keep you all informed about results of the Competition, here the winner of the off Track rewards, sponsored by Autodesk and Shell.

Please find also the link to the first out-off two Videos that I recorded at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz. 


These are the winner of the off track rewards:

Team 414

Autodesk Design Award-Urban Concept
UrbanConcept: Hochschulen Merseburg, Burg Halle, Chemnitz, Germany.
An innovative, sustainable design, aligning transferrable technology from boat-building to automotive design using laminated wood, and a creative design strategy integrating excellent engineering and setting a new trend in automotive design.

Team 228

Autodesk Design Award-Prototype
Prototype: Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy. An evolution from digital prototype and first concept into an improved and more efficient design. Excellent quality of engineering design and professional finish reflecting efficient aerodynamics and elegant aesthetics.

Team 228

Shell Communications & Marketing Award
Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy, for an integrated, comprehensive, and professionally thought-out communications campaign that intelligently and effectively married traditional and new media. Dedicated engineers also emerged as consummate communicators, and the team excelled in creating compelling content in multiple languages. The team’s outstanding communications efforts are reflected in the high number of sponsors they managed to secure.

Team 117

Shell Technical Innovation Award
Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, for its compact HCCI internal-combustion engine with variable ratio to control the operation modes. This concept solves the problem of wide load range optimisation common to internal combustion engines.

Team 416

ADAC Safety Award
Technical University of Crete, Greece, for the integration into their vehicle design of many innovative and clever safety features, including a fitted adjustable steering column reducing impact damage to the driver in the event of collision, a small boot to contain first aid emergency rescue equipment, and a self-releasing cabin hood which is easily manoeuvrable internally as well as externally that improves the speed of driver evacuation.

Team 085

SKF Eco-friendly Award
Hofstad Lyceum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for an integrated approach to sustainability that informed the team’s thinking throughout the entire project, from integrating a maximum of recyclable materials into the vehicle design, to sourcing from local suppliers with the greenest possible credentials, using bicycles locally at home and trains for the team’s transportation to and from the EuroSpeedway Lausitz, and running a sustainability educational programme for their fellow students to raise awareness of environmental issues.

Team 029

Shell  Best Team Spirit Award
ENSMM, France, a team that really had fun together, engendered a great team spirit with minimum supervision, were infectious in exporting their brand of team spirit to other teams, invested their own time and money for the greater good of the team, and communicated and cooperated with another school in their region to share best practices.

Team 205

People’s Choice
The winner of the People’s Choice Award is Team mecc-H2 (no. 205) of  the Politecnico di Milano – Dipartimento di Meccanica from Italy driving ARTEMIDE who received 51,496 out of nearly a quarter of a million votes cast.