Autodesk Showcase 2011: Calender Page for August 2010


Hi all,
August, 8 Month are gone of 2010, and I expect most of you are now on vacation and I hope you enjoy the Summer like I do. Anyway, its time for a new Showcase Calender Page, this time I searched for something old, and not so fast like the lamborgini reventon, so lets see what I have found.

Do you have heared about the Auto Union C Type? Here the Wikipedia information about it   

This is race car is the star of this month calender page. Enjoy!


Oh, you think this is not really slow enough? -Hmmm, you maybe right, here is something powerful, but slow. 

On the Internet I found a model of a Lanz Bulldog.
This virtual Lanz Bulldog is a very special one, because it not created in AutoCAD or Inventor as you may expect, this is made in Revit, on one hand I was quiet shocked, but on the creative side i have to say wow cool. 🙂 So this model has lot of details and so I came up with the Idea of the translucence Bulldog, designed with different types of glass textures from showcase. 

You haven’t heared about Lanz Bulldog? -Here the Wiki Information about it


showcase.jpg Here you can get the original modell