Tron Legacy at Autodesk University 2010, Autodesk customer pushing the border


Hi all,
As most of you know I am at Autodesk University these days to record video reports and today at the first day of AU has been a special event. The guys from Digital Domain and Disney provided to the attendees of the AutoCAD and M&E Keynote a preview of the 3D version of Tron Legacy, which will be available in cinema in a few Days.

There was such a very high-level security policy applied that I couldn’t get my Camcorder in to record some impressions for you. Back to the topic last year I was impressed by Avatar and the realism of Pandora, but to be honest I thought this couldn’t be beaten by another film for a while. Today I have to confess it can be, the realism of the picture was blowing me away, it gave me goose pimples, I think this film defiantly will get an Oscar in a few Month.

So I searched YouTube an I found a trailer that maybe gives you an Idea what this Movie is all about, I have to recommend that you should watch it in 3D in the cinema. What the film makes it so unique is the fact that Digital Domain created at first a Digital Prototype of 3 Minutes based on AutoCAD, Alias, Maya and 3DS Max. This prototype was made for get the funding together for producing that film. In total around 500 subcontractors was needed to get the work done. Amazing but you have to see yourself…  

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