AutoCAD Mechanical: An old Handout got found and refurbished

Usually I use the days between Christmas and New Year to sort and orignize my material (you know I am not a messy, -but my desk get’s crowded during the year and so I cleaned up my desk. After I have finished this I relay get addicted to cleaning, -sorry organizing (it was something like a temporary obsession) and I had to move on, after a while everything looks nice and organized. Guess what happened I started cleaning up my eMail inbox, my folder structure and so on….  

During this I found a handout that I had prepared for AU 2008 (I was Speaker that year). I looked into it, -what can I say it still has his value (not that much has been changed at AutoCADM), so I uploaded it to our CADRelations eMagazine storage so that you all have easy acess, I hope you all will benefit from it. -What is in it?  -It is compilation of tips and tricks around the general use of AutoCAD Mechanical and the calculation abilities of it.