Autodesk Showcase: Calender Page April 2011


Hi All,

shame on me, I missed last month to produce a new calender page, but I have a good excuse! Yes, really, I had some feedback to be more global, you know one fits all, so I was thinking for a while how to meet the request, so I came down to just use the name Month name instead of providing the hole dates.

Depending on the 2012 launch of the new 2012 Product Suites and the integration of Mudbox in Digital Prototyping pipeline. I found it would fit, to have a Prototype concept for an future Audi …  So I came up with this, I hope you like it and enjoy future concepting with Autodesk Mudbox. I truly have to say Mudbox isn’t just only trolls, gnomes, elves and other strange creatures. 🙂


Enjoy April,