Autodesk Showcase 2012: Calender Page for July 2011


Longtime no post, -please take my apologies for it,

unfortunately there has been so much  thinks that I had to work, on so that posting got missed. -BTW talking about new things, did you have noticed that you can use now your 3Dconnection controller in to Autodesk Showcase?


It is a native integration, so just plug the Navigator to the Workstation where you work with Showcase 2012 and off you go! 🙂 of cause, you should install the latest driver for your device so that you can take the full advantage of full usability with all applications on your workstation.

Latest Driver you will get here:

So now, it is time for a new calender page for July 2011. This month I have chosen a Harley Davidson Bobber with a Nitro injection and some other nice modifications.


Hoping you will enjoy the custom HD!