Autodesk Showcase 2012: Calender Page for September 2011


Hi Everyone,

this Month I was searching for a Model of a car that I realy loved in the 80’s the Renault R5 Turbo. In my early Days I worked as a Car Mechanic for Renault befor I moved on in my journey of Education, but this is another story. 🙂 Anyway at that Time I was lucky enough to Work for a Alpine department, beside to the R5 turbo series I also was taking care about some A110, A360 and of cause all the others like the R4 and R5. As you may know the R5 Turbo 3 times won the world champion ship in the 80’s. The R5 was a  1397 cc turbo charged mid-engined car, real fun to drive it especially on Ice or gavel. 🙂 

More details about the R5 Turbo on Wikipedia 


I hope you like it! 🙂

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