Autodesk Showcase 2012: Calender Page for March 2012


Hi all,

I am a little early this time with my calender page, but I have a good excuse. It depends on fact that I will be very busy next week, because I will be next week in good old England for getting my pedagogical skills checked and certified.

You may ask why this you are already certified? -Yes, but to run a train the trainer on pedagogical skills and to become an assessor. You need to know how to run a good Training from the practical side of cause, but you also should have a solid knowledge foundation on the theoretical side! -Right? This is why I attend this Train the Trainer Event next week.

I keep you posted on my experience….

Now back to the topic, March is the time for nice cars, even last year we had a sports car in the series for March. This time I choose a car that I like sins I noticed it the first time the Mclaren Mercedes. I created a matt black version of it, I hope you like it.

march2012_1.jpg march2012_2.jpg march2012_3.jpg

-BTW for Autodesk fans, McLaren is using Alias software in his design project. 🙂

Till next week,

H. Brettschneider