Autodesk Schowcase: Showcase Calendar Page December 2012


Hello All,
not attending AU 2012 in Las Vegas was tough, but on the other hand I had the ability to look at the event from an outside prospective. – Good to know how it looks from the other side.
My personal high light was the little Boy during General Session, – that’s addiction to invention and engineering, lets see what he is doing when it comes to real working.


Would be interesting to see what he is doing on an age of 29. 🙂

Invention, Design and Engineering that’s my topic, nothing else impresses me more than great Ideas, so I choose a model of a prototype based on a catterham  layout. Oh, by the way Marion Landry from Autodesk mentioned a great source for HDRI Pictures for Backrounds in Showcase, thank you for that.

Link to the CADRelations Article with Marions Video and link 

I hope you like the new Calender page and the corresponding Wallpapers!

december2012.jpg desktopdec2012.jpg desktopdec2012-2.jpg

Till next,

Helge Brettschneider