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Autodesk Showcase: Showcase Calendar Page July 2013

Hi all,
what a month, mother nature was some kind of angry and struck hard around Europe and in other places.  I experienced the first time in life how it is, to be involved in such a disaster. During a 2 Hour hard rain my office got fluted by 12 centimeter. This is not much compared to others, but enough to cause trouble for the next few weeks. Fortunately we have been home. We had the ability to rescue all important computer, this secures that we can continue the work, maybe a little slower than in the past, but we carry on. 🙂

2013-06-22 11.28.52


The office after removing surface water, but the screed in the hole basement need to be dried.

As you can imagine I already ripe for a vacation! – So my thought fly to some nice places for recovery. 🙂 This brings me back to my topic here, I thought a landing gear from an airplane would be nice for this month page.

Here you see my Showcase version of a landing gear. I hope you like it!

-Btw I have no contract with Good Year, but I thought it looks nicer!


Till next, and all the best for people who also got involved in the recent nature disasters,

Helge Brettschneider



-Albert Einstein

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