Autodesk Showcase 2014: Calendar Page November 2013

Hi all,
how you are doing this days? -I hope this Blog posting finds you well. 🙂

During this time several events happening, animago was a week ago and when you follow CADRelations on twitter you know I was at the Animago Conference 2013. It was my first time I attend the event and I was impressed, especially  about the delivered content. You know, I always look at events with a instructor prospective, even when I am not a character animator or a rigging specialist.

At animago they provided a great lineup of speakers with a practical proven expertise. Don’t get me wrong, I am not taking about speaker from big companies like Pixar or Sony. My Heroes of the event have been from companies that animate for passion, for Pizza and of cause for money. 🙂

IMG_0861 IMG_0867

During the conference also animago award is given to artists in different categories here a compilation with the nominees animations.

Great event, would be wonderful when I get the chance to attend next year. Next speaking engagement for me is Autodesk University Germany in Darmstadt. Unfortunately I am not able to make it to Las Vegas for attending AU2013, but next year I see a good chance to make it. 🙂

You may ask: „What he is speaking about at AU Germany?“ -Guess, -right, Showcase 2014 Tips and Tricks is my Topic. Engineering meets realtime visualization, – I love to connect both worlds!

So I choose a space shuttle model for this month calendar page, I hope you like it.


Till next, live long and prosper, 🙂

Helge Brettschneider