AutoCAD 2016 MAC: 6 Express Tools are available on the new version for MAC

Hi  AutoCAD MAC Fans,

I hope you all doing good this days!

It’s been a while sins I wrote the last time an English post here on my blog, but you know I like using CAD on the mac sins I had to migrate my Video production workstation to a Mac pro a while ago and this makes it a good opportunity to do so. Of cause AutoCAD on Windows has a few more features that the MAC Version, but they are getting closer to each other with each new release, it just takes time.

Question:„Do you have noticed that AutoCAD MAC 2016 has been released a few weeks ago?


Anyway, beside to a few new basic features for Xref management and some other features, the 6 most important Express Tools have been transferred to the MAC.

You find now  on the menu bar below the entry „Tools“ a new section named Express Tools. No extra installation or other special tasks are needed, just part of the AutoCAD MAC 2016. -Isn’t it great?

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-08 um 16.38.30

This Express Tools are available now:

  • Text to MText Converter
  • Break line Symbol
  • The Move/Copy/Rotate command
  • Attributes to Text converter
  • Replace Block
  • Super Hatch

When you update to AutoCAD MAC 2016 you should take advantages of this super productive Express Tool features. Especially when you used them with AutoCAD on Windows. 🙂


Happy CAD-ing,

Helge Brettschneider

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