Autodesk consulting team members at the Grand Canyon, a kind of Geocaching after AU2008

I know AU2008 is now part of the history, but it is still impressive, even when it was last month. I think it will remain for quiet a while in the world of mouth! 🙂

Actually I finished an article about Autodesk University that will be published in a few weeks in a German CAD-Magazin! You see, blogs are even faster than any printed Magazin. (Don’t take it too sirius, just jocking!!) But beside the lime light at AU2008 there are a lot of untold storys like this.

Lets begin:
As you know direct flights to Las Vegas are expensive during the week, but direct flights in general are more relaxing and less time consuming then connected flights. So I fly every year for a week to LV from Sunday to Sunday. this lowers the price for 30-40%, isn’t that great? I think it is! So this means I have to stay for two more days in Town after AU is finished and over the years more of my collages from Autodesk CE/EMIA came over to attend AU. This time I was in a group of 4 people and we decided to do something special, a kind of Geocaching. We (Driss, Christoph, Klaus and I) booked a Helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon. Hey, this was real fun and with a group of 4 we got a very good discount, so we really enjoyed this Tripp! Looking forward what we will do next time in LV.

So that you can get an Idea how it is in the Grand Canyon, please find some pictures from the jorny below:


Just to give you an Idea on which level we have bin during our stay in the Canyon. That what looks like bushes in the back of the picture with me in front, these are trees.        

bild6.jpg bild5.jpg bild3.jpg

bild4.jpg bild2.jpg bild1.jpg