Autodesk Showcase 2012: Calender Page for February 2012


Hi and welcome February,
at first I to say: “ Sorry, I made a mistake  with the January Calender Page, I wined the time back to 2011! -I should have called it – lets to the time warp!“   🙂 In case you don’t know the time warp  please find the video with the explanation below.

Now back to Calender Pages 🙂 last month I used a Differential and as an apology please find the Differential as a wallpaper with no branding.
With this month page I continued with machinery details. I choose a set of crank, connecting rod and piston assembly of a 4 Cylinder engine  assembled in Solidworks and directly imported in Showcase (some kind of collaboration 🙂 ).

februar2012web.jpg    januar2012.jpg

I hope you like it! -Till next, regards,

H. Brettschneider