Autodesk Showcase 2012: Calender Page for January 2012


Wow, the December past by so fast, I had to work on videos around Autodesk University 2011 and still some videos under development. I will keep you posted when they get finished. The biggest highlight for manufacturing at AU 2011 was the introduction of the PLM product named Autodesk 360 Nexus.

In my view this was the missing piece in the Autodesk Product portfolio, a few years ago I was supporting a Company that was relay deep into the PLM -Project world and I always where wondering, when Autodesk will start a first initiative to develop something that supports better their own Products.

You may ask me about my opinions? Hmm, as Sean Dotson said during our fist exchange around his feedback:“it is a little early!“ – So far I can say (without having much experience with Nexus) I really like the visual workflow approach. -Anyway back to the topic, the PLM thing made me thinking in different ways but it is also the foundation of selecting this Differential Gear created with Inventor design assistants. -I think it turned out pretty nice, I hope you like it. 🙂


In the case you ask your self: „Do I really remember how the Differential Gear works?“ -Here is a good old piece of engineering explanation from the 1930’s. The Video is a little longer, move the slider to 1.5 Minute where the real explanation starts.

The mentioned CADRelations Interview with Sean Dotson:

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