Autodesk Showcase: Showcase Calendar Page June 2013

Hi Showcase fans,

how you are doing? – I hope you had a great May!
As you know Autodesk Showcase 2014 is out and has a great new feature, the DOF depth of  field function. Something I was honestly waiting for sins the camera properties have been update. Anyway, using it is pretty simple, but to get the expected result is another cup of tea. Therefor you need to dive a little deeper in to DOF in photography, cause these are the ground rules that need to be applied.

To help you on the theory of depth of field I selected a great tutorial on the net:

The settings you find under: View -> Camera properties or use the shortcut CTRL + Y



The DOF is in the show more controls section. When you try the depth of field functionality please keep in mind that you have to adjust the settings when you switch from Hardware Render to Ray tracing.

Now back to this month calendar page, I choose a model that you maybe will see more often during the year, it is a quad that the Autodesk channel partners use to demo features and functions of Inventor 2014 and his brothers. 🙂

Jun2013 Jun2013-2

Pictures with depth of field applied:


The VIMEK 630.3 MiniMaster, I created a version that mind be used by a Harbor Master to drive around in the Harbor to check what is going on in his workspace. Please accept my apologies, from time to time the storyteller gene takes control. -Just kidding 🙂

Video about VIMEK:

Give DOF a try and be sure you will like it!

I hope you like it, till next,

Helge Brettschneider